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Menopause: 5 tips to live it more pleasantly


All women do not welcome menopause with philosophy. Whether because of youthism in our society or the different changes and transformations that take place at this point in our lives, it can indeed be difficult. In addition, this period is often accompanied by small symptoms more or less unpleasant that make us regret to get there. There is no magic remedy against menopause or formula to go back in time, but we can still find some comfort with some tips to remedy the symptoms and append to the living more pleasantly.

1) Treat your diet

Keeping track of your weight curve and your health is the first step towards this healthy time. Put on your plate fatty acids, omega-3, vegetables, and diuretics! To go further, it is possible to cope with hormonal changes by doing like many menopausal women who consume more “hormone-like” foods such as soy and derived foods. They contain phytoestrogens that can help to cope with hot flashes.

2) Herbal medicine

In our article on anti-hot-flash remedies, we suggested hawthorn, but of course sage, which is a classic in this field. It is consumed as an infusion once or twice a day in a three-week cure before taking a break for a week. Against osteoporosis that can wreak havoc in mature women, it is advisable to drink an infusion of basil leaves after each meal.

3) Focus on spices

To replenish phytoestrogens and reduce hot flashes, you can rely on the unique powers of turmeric, of course, with black pepper for better effectiveness and assimilation of the active ingredient curcumin. For its aphrodisiac and anti-kilo side, prefer Ceylon Cinnamon. We bet that the flavors and scents of these two spices will help you face menopause with pleasure!

4) Aromatherapy, a good option

Insomnia and irritability can sometimes be felt by mature women. You would spread lavender essential oil so that you feel more at ease with your emotions. For hot flushes, there is also a solution to take three times a day: two drops of clary sage on a spoonful of honey.

5) Bach Flowers

They are still quite unknown but have proved their worth for many people. Some may be useful in the face of menopause. Honeysuckle (Honeysuckle) allows you to move forward and calm the feeling of nostalgia for the past. Apple crab (wild apple) can be reconciled with its changing body that can be a complex source. Walnut is the anti-anxiety elixir par excellence in the face of all these changes of reference. If you lack tone and you feel a generalized ras-the-bowl, Hornbeam (the essence of charm) is what you need. Finally, to soothe your irritable mind and subject to nervous tension, favor Impatiens (Impatience) which also works against cravings and fatigue.

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