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9 essential oils that help to lose weight naturally


One can absolutely use essential oils as part of a diet to lose weight. The whole thing is knowing which one to choose according to your needs. However, there are so many and their properties are so multiple that we can quickly get lost. In fact, we have listed for you the most useful essential oils to lose weight.

9) The essential oil of celery to eliminate and lose weight

Credits: Pixabay / Buntysmum

It has no equal to drain and eliminate toxins engorged in the body. Moreover, it fights bloating, stimulates the liver and allows better digestion. It can also be useful if you complete your many efforts to lose weight with a natural dietary supplement for well-chosen women. Indeed, this type of supplement usually helps to detoxify the body and promote digestion, weight benefits to harmonizing a silhouette. However, this essential oil will help make your detox treatment even more effective to help you lose weight and get the desired results faster. So you can add some to your dishes to give them more flavor. Otherwise, the option is to dilute two drops in a spoonful of olive oil or a neutral tablet two to three times a day for ten days.

8) Geranium rosat, a complete ally

Credits: Pixabay / skeeze

Generally, it is considered an excellent product against orange peel. However, geranium rosat can also fight against water retention and firm up. Thus, it allows to act on the pure appearance of the silhouette and the tonicity of the skin. To use it, it is advisable to dilute 5 drops in 50 drops of vegetable oil of your choice. Here, the macadamia will go perfectly! Then, we take care to massage the areas that we want to treat for a long time every night.

7) Juniper to drain deeply

Credits: Pixabay / uroburos

Its formidable draining action makes it an essential anti-cellulite fight. In fact, this diuretic effectively removes water retention, which improves the appearance of the affected areas. In addition, it promotes the stimulation of blood vessels and helps destock fat quickly. Thus, it is rather advisable to use it in massage by diluting two drops in two tablespoons of oil. Then do a good massage for about ten days each month. You can also drop a drop on a quarter of sugar with a drop of lemon essence to get a good appetite suppressant 100% natural.

6) Peppermint, the one that helps eliminate

Credits: Pixabay / silviarita

Although we know many uses of this classic pharmacy natural, it is not always known that it can help lose weight. Indeed, it has a draining power that directly benefits key organs in weight loss (intestines, kidneys, and liver). In addition to helping eliminate toxins in-depth, it plays a vital role in improving digestion. As a result, you can add a drop only directly to your lunch or dinner to benefit. Alternatively, you can drop your droplet on a honey spoon or a neutral tablet. Take a cure every other week without exceeding a daily drop. This will be more than enough to take advantage of its overpowering draining effect!

5) Atlas cedar for pulverizing fats

Credits: Pixabay / djedj

Thanks to its draining power, it removes fats in depth. Indeed, it activates the lymphatic circulation and reduces the adipose tissues. Thus, it is said that she is lipolytic, which means that she fights fat cells. So you can say goodbye to the retention of fat and cellulite! To do this, dilute five drops in a tablespoon of vegetable oil. Then, perform a careful massage of the affected areas before the shower. Then continue for twenty days of treatment.

4) Tarragon to lose weight without frustration

Credits: Pixabay / Lebensmittelfotos

It is useful in many ways with its direct effect on the intestine! Already, it helps promote digestion and eliminate gas that swells the belly. Also, it helps to feel less frustration and hunger thanks to its calming power on cravings. So losing weight seems immediately less painful and you feel lighter! In addition, it can be consumed easily without mixing! Indeed, a drop under the tongue is enough to enjoy and feel almost immediately satiety. However, you can dilute it in a spoonful of hazelnut or olive oil if its taste bothers you. Finally, as for other essential oils, you can dilute in oil for a massage.

3) Sage officinale, a power of Nature

Credits: Pixabay / congerdesign

The leaves can be used to prepare a special flat stomach syrup. Nevertheless, the essential oil is just as effective! Indeed, it flushes flabby skin and helps tone the muscles. In addition, it multiplies the qualities: it is purifying, detoxifying, disinfecting and lipolytic. Not to spoil it, it also offers its choleretic virtues (it stimulates the gallbladder) and is ideal for prediabetes, because it is also hypoglycemic. Here, we will apply a few drops on the skin, preferably diluted in vegetable oil.

2) The unknown that deserves more recognition: the essential oil of Criste-marine

Credits: Wikimedia Commons / Pierre Bona

It contains vitamin C and mineral salts. As diuretic as anticellulite, it will promote the excretion of water by the kidneys (which promotes the production of urine) and eliminates fat and water retention. With her, the orange peel does not make a crease! Here again, you will dilute a few droplets in the vegetable oil of your choice. Then you will perform a morning and evening massage on the areas you want to improve.

1) Mandarin, a classic diets

Credits: Pixabay / pixel2013

If it is so well known, it’s because it has an effective power appetite suppressant that can cut short the cravings that punctuate the day! So as soon as the hunger is felt outside meals, put the bottle to contribution. In general, one drops a drop on a neutral tablet or in a tablespoon of honey. Then slowly melt everything in the mouth and repeat later if necessary.

Warning :

Of course, all these oils will do no miracle alone! So, think of adopting a healthy and varied diet and to practice a sports activity adapted to you and your desires. That said, remember to learn about the contraindications to their use. In particular, they are forbidden for pregnant and lactating women as well as for children and young adolescents, but the restrictions do not stop there! Find out before using them.


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